New Car Warranty

Don’t get stuck with the bare minimum service¬†¬†

A common misconception  for new car owners is that you must take your vehicle back to the Franchise Dealer or your new vehicle warranty will be void.

You Do Not have to take your new car back to the ‘Dealer’ for service and your warranty will not be void.

Under the trade practices act , Dealers cannot claim the warranty void, if the vehicle is serviced by a licensed trades person in a licensed mechanical workshop.


Your warranty is safe at Doulman Automotive Services!



Our clients enjoy much better warranty options than those owners using only Dealers, for the following reasons:

  • We can advise clients on warranty items that are found during servicing that may go unnoticed until the warranty period is over.
  • Doulman Automotive Services is well known and respected in the industry as a reputable repairer who only uses the highest quality parts and workmanship. We have never had a warranty claim dismissed by a manufacturer on a clients vehicle that we have serviced during its warranty period.